Car Seat Safety. Why it is important?

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Who doesn’t want their baby/ kids to be SAFE and HAPPY?

As soon as we get the Amazing news of us becoming parents, we start planning and buying different things for the new member of the family. These things include Crib,Bouncer, rocker, pram, stroller, car seat, toys, clothes and what not.
As parents of this generation, we all understand the importance of having a Car Seat too and so it is also in our buying list.

There are several brands who sell Car seats for infants as well as toddlers. We as parents always want best for our baby but sometimes we end up buying a car seat cum rocker cum carry cot. Why? At times just to save money and at times because we find it easy to carry this 3 in 1 product.

But this is one decision, which I as a Mother myself, think is a common mistake that is made by parents. A car seat has to be wisely bought keeping several things into consideration as Car seat safety is more important than anything else as it is the Car seat which helps in keeping our kids secure and safe when we are traveling in car.


1)How old is your kid and what kind of car seat is advisable for your kids age and weight. Yes, there are different groups for choosing Car seats and this groups are categorized on the basis of your baby’s age and weight. There are many brands who offer car seats that can be adjusted as and when your baby grows.So it is advisable to do proper research before buying any random car seat for your baby

2)Check whether the car seat is ergonomic or not. Ergonomic car seats help baby to sleep/ sit in a correct and comfortable position. Ergonomic car seats are advisable especially for long driving


3)When you are installing the car seat, follow the vehicle owner’s manual and install the car seat as per the instructions given. If possible, get it checked by car seat installation experts.


4)Once installed, assure that it is firm and does not moves from its place.

5)All the car seats should be rear- facing until the baby turns 15 months.



6)Check the harness, safety belts and other accessories of the car seat.

I hope these points help you in buying a good car seat for your little one.

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20 thoughts on “Car Seat Safety. Why it is important?

  1. shaib5170 says:

    Baby’s safety is the first responsibility of parents.Parents are always busy with his/her babies. Sometimes it is difficult to handle their like driving, marketing times.A car seat becomes a solution for driving times.Thanks for an informative post.


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